Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week (42 weeks)

All first-time moms-to-be are eager to feel the first baby kick and hear the baby’s heartbeat. That’s why we’ve decided to guide you through the pregnancy week by week. Basically, this is the ultimate guide on what you should expect when you’re expecting.

Pregnancy Week By Week: The Complete Guide You Need To Know

The baby is constantly changing, day after day. But with this guide, you will know exactly what milestones you should expect during the pregnancy week by week.

Weeks #1 and #2

The baby hasn’t been conceived yet at this point. In fact, the pregnancy begins while the body is preparing for ovulation and fertilization.

Week #3

By the third week, the baby is extremely small. As a matter of fact, it’s smaller than the poppy seed.

Week #4

By this time, the baby will be the same size as a poppy seed. This week is when the implantation process happens. That means that it’s the perfect time for the formation of the placenta and the embryo.

Week #5

By the fifth week, your baby will grow to the size of an orange seed. At this point during the pregnancy, the development of the baby’s heart and circulatory system will be initiated. Also, the hormone hCG will be so high that the doctor will be able to officially confirm the pregnancy.

Week #6

As you enter the sixth week of the pregnancy, you will be running to the bathroom more frequently. And, at this point, the baby will grow into the size of a pea. Also, this is the time when your baby’s face starts taking shape.

Week #7

Going forward in this pregnancy week-by-week tracker, we’ve come to week 7. From pea, we arrive at the size of a blueberry. During this week, you may start noticing your breasts becoming bigger and slightly achy.

Week #8

Size-wise, in the eighth week of the pregnancy, your baby will become the size of a raspberry. This is the period in which the embryo will start moving around the womb. As a result, you might be running to the bathroom a bit too often now (not just to pee).

Week #9

This is the week in which your baby will become the size of an olive. In the ninth week, you might start feeling sleepy and napping way more often than you normally do.

Week #10

Leaving the shape of an olive, the baby is more like a prune now. This is the time when the baby’s cartilage and bones are being built. Also, you might be fighting with constipation now. In order to handle that, we recommend increasing your fiber intake.

Week #11

By the eleventh week, your baby is looking like a human! And, at this point, it should be as big as a lime.

Week #12

Going through the pregnancy week by week, we are at week 12! At this point, you’ll probably realize that you’ve doubled in size. However, it is actually your baby who has grown!

Week #13

By now, the baby will be as big as a peach. At this time, the first trimester is coming to an end. Sadly, this end may apply to your sexual appetite, too.

Week #14

By now, your baby has already become the size of a fist! During this week, the baby is growing its gorgeous locks and eyebrows!

Week #15

During this week, the baby should be as big as a navel orange. And, although you might not feel it just yet, the baby will start kicking and moving around. In addition to that, this might be the time you start feeling some dental weirdness going on.

Week #16

Your baby has turned into an avocado by now. Well, not literally — only in size! Also, this might be the time when you start packing on the baby weight. At the same time, your baby’s eyesight will start developing, too.

Week #17

We didn’t mean to scare you earlier, so in order to redeem ourselves, we’ll go back to human analogies. Now, your baby should be the size of your palm. This is the time your baby starts swallowing and sucking. Basically, it’s practicing for the breast or the bottle.

Week #18

Humans don’t have anything that is similar to a sweet potato on their body, so we’ll have to go back to fruits and veggies. The good news is that at this time, you might start feeling the baby’s movements.

Week #19

From potato to a large mango and we’ve already entered the nineteenth week! At this point in pregnancy, the baby’s skin will get a protective coating while you might experience painful cramping in your legs.

Week #20

When it comes to the size, the baby should be as a small cantaloupe by now. The exciting news is that you can find out whether it’s a boy or a girl!

Week #21

Right now, the baby should be the size of a very large carrot. And, at the same time, as your belly grows, you will start seeing an increased number of stretch marks.

Week #22

In the 22nd week, the baby will become the size of a tiny doll. What might not be as tiny are mom’s feet.

Week #23

By now, the baby must have reached the size of a papaya. You might also start noticing the appearance of the linea nigra on your tummy.

Week #24

Entering the 24th week of the pregnancy! Wow, days just go by so fast! Tracking the pregnancy week by week is not that hard, right? Right now, your baby should be the size of corn. At this point in the pregnancy, the baby’s facial features are developing, and your belly button might be sticking out.

Week #25

At this point, your baby is the size of a cauliflower, and it’s preparing to take its first breath! On the other hand, you might be dealing with some nasty hemorrhoids.

Week #26

Right now, the baby should be as big as a chuck roast. And, we have some exciting news for you! This is the time when your baby will open its eyes for the first time!

Week #27

In the 27th week, the baby will become as big as an eggplant. When it comes to the mom, she might be dealing with serious feet swelling and ankle growth.

Week #28

By now, the baby should be as big as a cucumber. Here’s an interesting fact: the baby starts dreaming, blinking and coughing around this time.

Week #29

Imagine a large bottle of water. That’s how big the baby is now!

Week #30

Entering the 30th week, your baby is as big as a cabbage. This is an exciting time for it as well, as the brain has started to grow.

Week #31

Right now, the baby should be the same size as butternut squash. Also, this is the time when your baby’s senses will increase, while, as far as mom is concerned, the breathing room will decrease (as the baby will start putting pressure on the lungs).

Week #32

By now, the baby should have become as big as a half a gallon of milk. The bad news is, you’ll probably start experiencing false contractions. And, no, they aren’t fun.

Week #33

Tracking the pregnancy week by week is slowly leading us to the finish line. Right now, the baby should be as big as a head of lettuce. Moreover, this is the time for the baby’s immune system to start getting stronger.

Week #34

In this week, you can imagine your baby being the size of a honeydew. Also, this is the time when you might start experiencing some sight issues.

Week #35

In this week, the baby will be as big as a pineapple. Furthermore, this is the time when you’ll start feeling more pressure on your bladder.

Week #36

At this point, the baby is as big as a canary melon. Its bones are also getting stronger. On the mom’s side, though, it’s a completely different story. Your body will release the hormone known as relaxin, which will make your ligaments lose. As a result, you will probably act a bit clumsier than usual.

Week #37

The baby is now as big as a large cantaloupe! During this week, your obstetrician might start checking for labor signs.

Week #38

The baby’s size is similar to a winter melon now. Also, this is the time when you will start producing colostrum, which is the forerunner to breast milk.

Week #39

Now you can think of your baby as a small pumpkin. This is the week when the brain development will get a boost, while you, on the other hand, might start experiencing definite signs of labor!

Week #40

From a cute pumpkin to an even cuter watermelon! This is the official end of your pregnancy. And, if the baby hasn’t gotten that memo, hold on!

Week #41

The baby is as big as jackfruit by now. Don’t worry if you still don’t feel like it’s go-time. Hang in there!

Week #42

It’s go-time! This is it. This is when tracking your pregnancy week by week ends. It’s time to meet that sweet pumpkin of yours. You’ve done a great job, and you should be really proud of yourself, mom.

There you have it! This is the ultimate pregnancy week-by-week guide that every mommy-to-be should read. We sure hope you’ve had fun while reading it, and more importantly, that you’ve learned something more about your pregnancy. There’s no doubt that tracking the pregnancy week by week is going to be extremely exciting!

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