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Baby in diaper

Diaper Size Guide

Did you get a panic attack the first and the last time when you tried to get diapers? Baby stores are overflowing with diaper sizes, brands, and shapes, so we fully understand if you run out of one. Take a deep breath, then exhale. Like with anything else, you need time to learn about baby

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woman happy pregnancy test

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test

So, you want to fake a pregnancy test. You’re at the right place — we don’t judge. While some people may call you cruel, we think it’s quite funny. As a matter of fact, if done properly, pregnancy test pranks can be hilarious. You should know it’s much easier than it looks. How to make

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Woman Holding Pregnancy Test Hands

17 Homemade (DIY) Pregnancy Tests To Try

Do you have that gut feeling that tells you you’re pregnant? Is your period late more than usual? Was your last intercourse unprotected? If your head is buzzing with all these questions, you should find out if you’re pregnant. We know the way — use a homemade pregnancy test. Before the kits as we know

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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Once a woman finds out she’s pregnant, after she hears the magical words “It’s a healthy pregnancy so far” the first thing she wants to know is — when is the baby coming? The sheer anticipation and uncertainty are almost palpable, and she simply has to know when she’s due. That’s perfectly understandable for more

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Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes with it — some pleasant, and others concerning, to say the least. You’ll hear a lot of women talking about how the pregnancy was the best time of their lives. Still, more often than not, you’ll hear women complain about pain, nausea, body changes, and other symptoms of pregnancy that aren’t

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When Do Babies Crawl?

Our children and their progress mean everything to us. We carefully monitor and celebrate each milestone — every smile, every lifting of the head, and of course, every crawl. That first crawl is something that every parent awaits like the biggest prize in the world. However, things aren’t as rosy as the enamored parents like

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How to Baby Proof Your Fireplace

If you belong to the over thirty percent of Americans who use a fireplace to heat your home, and if you have or are soon going to welcome a young child into your home, then you definitely need to baby-proof your fireplace! As lovely as the warm heat of the fireplace is, it is a

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How to Baby Proof Your Stairs – Child Proofing Ideas

If your house has multiple floors, and you have or are expecting to welcome a new child into your home, you definitely want to consider childproofing your stairs. Soon enough, your baby will start crawling and toddling, eagerly setting about exploring their surroundings – and the last thing you want is for them to get

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Your Guide to the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Even though you’ve just entered the final trimester of the pregnancy, the baby still has plenty of growing to do. In order to share what you should expect of your third trimester, we’ve put together this guidebook. We’ll go through every single detail, so make yourself comfortable and prepare to take notes. We’ll cover everything,

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Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week (42 weeks)

All first-time moms-to-be are eager to feel the first baby kick and hear the baby’s heartbeat. That’s why we’ve decided to guide you through the pregnancy week by week. Basically, this is the ultimate guide on what you should expect when you’re expecting. Pregnancy Week By Week: The Complete Guide You Need To Know The

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