How to Fake a Pregnancy Test

So, you want to fake a pregnancy test. You’re at the right place — we don’t judge.

While some people may call you cruel, we think it’s quite funny. As a matter of fact, if done properly, pregnancy test pranks can be hilarious.

You should know it’s much easier than it looks.

How to make a pregnancy test positive, you ask? Well, you need a plan — a good one, to be precise. A plan like this requires dedication, time, and effort.

The thing is, a pregnancy test prank can either become a really funny memory, or it can make you look like a malicious manipulator. You don’t want to be the latter one.

Therefore, for your plan to work out, you will need:

  • Creativity
  • A pregnancy test
  • Basic acting skills
  • Common household items
  • Evil laugh to use while planning

Phase One: A Mastermind Plans Ahead

If you want to really convince someone that you’re pregnant, then you need to plan ahead.

We all know the common pregnancy symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen breasts
  • Late period
  • Mood swings

Therefore, we suggest that you begin your little scam by mentioning these symptoms. Do it casually in the beginning. Introduce worry and anxiety as the plan develops — as a real mastermind would.

For instance, if you live with the partner you want to shake to their very core, tell them your period is late. Then, mention how it’s not too big of a deal, and how it’s probably nothing.

You will have to do a bit more than just small lies when it comes to nausea and vomiting. In case you can’t really make the noises, your smartphone can. So, get in the bathroom and let it all out.

Don’t forget to complain about your swollen breasts. It’s best to do it while switching from utter happiness to crying without a reason. Mood swings are a must-have when you want to fake a pregnancy test.

If this is a first prank you want to pull off, you need help. Pregnancy test pranks require some plotting in secrecy — we’re sure your best friend wants to get in on this.

The only thing left is to wait for your partner to suggest you take the test. It’s just more fun that way. Play it cool because it will happen eventually. In the end, you do have all the symptoms, don’t you?

What Does a Positive Pregnancy Test Look Like?

Now that we have the first part of the plan all laid out, don’t let a rookie mistake ruin it.

Before we get to the actual ways to fake a pregnancy test, know the tests are not all the same. In most cases, you want a (+) symbol to appear.

However, products vary in design. Sometimes the symbol is pink, other times colors change, while in some cases it actually says pregnant. The options don’t end here.

To answer your question — What does a positive pregnancy test look like? — it depends on the test itself. Therefore, to successfully fake a pregnancy test, start with knowing what positive looks like.

How to Make a Pregnancy Test Positive?

You’ll be surprised with how many answers to “How to make a pregnancy test positive?” there are. Besides, faking pregnancy tests is surprisingly affordable. You probably have everything you need at home — well, other than the actual test.

Take your pick — each of the following methods works. Some of the methods work better on certain products. Anyway, if one of the ways isn’t efficient enough for some reason, try the next one.

For this reason, it’s best to do your own experiment before the actual testing. Perhaps your partner might insist that they are in the room next to you while you’re taking the test. Consequently, it can be rather challenging — although not impossible — to test different methods in that situation.

Therefore, get a pregnancy test before the actual prank. This way, you will know exactly what method works best.

A piece of advice — cover your tracks. Make sure you don’t leave the instructions, the test stick, or the package lying around for everyone to find.

Breach the Expiration Date

Like all products, pregnancy tests too work best before their expiration date. One of the easiest ways to fake a pregnancy test is to purchase a faulty product.

Chances are the test will show incorrect results. However, you can’t be completely sure that the expired test will always show positive. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t.

In addition, it may be difficult to find an expired test. If you’re really dedicated to this project, you may get a product and wait for it to expire. The process can take for months, but it’s still a way to go about it.

Get a Prank Test

The following method is as reliable as they come — get a prank test. If you can’t find it in stores near you, get it online. You shouldn’t have any problems with finding it.

However, mind your mail. Your entire plan can collapse if the person who you’re trying to prank opens the package.

Find the Right Marker Shade

This method is a no-brainer — it’s the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. Instead of going through a lot of trouble, you can simply draw that extra line.

Use a ruler to draw the line. Although your hand might be steady, the line needs to be quite convincing.

Just to remind you — a marker line can come off. In all that excitement, someone might actually smudge it. So, if you want to make a fake pregnancy test using your drawing skills, keep the result away from people.

Dip the Test in Soda

Interestingly enough, it’s possible to fake a pregnancy test with soda drinks. How — you ask? It’s a four-step process.

  • Get a glass.
  • Put the test in the glass.
  • Cover the test with soda.
  • Wait for the desired symbol.

Voilà — you’re pregnant! Who knew that your favorite drink could get you pregnant.

Make A Pregnant Friend

Perhaps you already have one, and perhaps you don’t — either way, one of the best way to fake a pregnancy test is to have a friend who’s expecting.

One thing is certain — the results can’t be negative. If a pregnant woman actually does the test for you, you’ll definitely end up with a positive result.

Take the Test during Your Period

A mixture of menstruation blood and urine can get you that false positive.

A pregnancy test can get confused if you pee on it while you’re on your period. Naturally, the right timing is everything with this plan. If you want an authentic fake pregnancy test, you need to plan your prank around your period cycle.

Use Your Soap

As you will probably see, descriptions on some pregnancy test packages instruct you need to keep the stick away from soap. Obviously, you should do the opposite.

Therefore, if you soap up the glass or any container you plan on using for your prank, chances are you’ll end up with a (+) symbol.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, otherwise known as hCG, is a hormone that pregnant women produce. When a pregnant woman takes the test, hCG colors it because the test contains hCG antibodies. In our case, soap will do the very same trick.

Play with Colors

Food coloring products can help you get pregnant. As a matter of fact, you can use any water-based colors to fake a pregnancy test.

A fun fact — when a woman eats food that has colored additives, her results can be a false positive. The truth is you don’t actually have to overeat on pink cakes to get your positive result. Although, you have to admit, pregnancy test pranks are a great excuse not to count calories for a day or two.

If you decide not to overdose on sweets, do the following:

  • Pee in a container.
  • Add a dash of coloring.
  • Dip the test in.

Once again, fake congratulations are in order. However, be careful not to exaggerate with the coloring. Otherwise, your urine won’t be that convincing.

Stick a Thin Label

For the next method, you need:

  • A label maker
  • A q-tip
  • A steady hand
  • Sneakiness

You do need to be sneaky because it’s necessary to pre-open the package. Equally important, you have to return everything inside the package, in its rightful place, as well.

Therefore, don’t rip the package, but open it carefully. Then, use your label maker to create a thin pink line — if a pink plus is indeed the result your test shows. Finally, take a q-tip to firm the label.

For the most believable effect, glue the pack back together. No one should be able to notice you previously opened it.

Bring in the Heat

Previously, we mentioned hCG. What you also need to know is that hCG antibodies in the test also respond to heat.

Now, the following method can be a quick way to fake a pregnancy test. All you really need is a blow dryer.

When the time comes to pull off the first of your many pregnancy test pranks, use a blow dryer to heat the stick. The results will quickly go from neutral to false positive with the right test.

Find a Used Test

We recommend the next method only if it doesn’t mean you have to dig through random dumpsters.

In case you have a friend who just discovered she’s pregnant, use her test. This way, you won’t have to invest your time in DIY projects, but the timing needs to be flawless. Have in mind it’s not the time to be sensitive — pulling this prank off means touching a stick with pee on it.

Are You Ovulating?

It comes down to this — you need a positive result to pull your prank off, right? No one ever said there has to be a (+) symbol on an actual pregnancy test.

An ovulation test kit only shows a positive when you’re — well — ovulating. Therefore, if you hit the right timing, you might be able to convince everyone you’re pregnant. Up close, the two tests don’t look that different.

Make sure that you’re in the right period of your cycle when the prank time comes. In the majority of cases, women ovulate precisely two weeks after the first day of her period.

Leave the Test In

Some tests malfunction if you leave them in the urine longer.

If you leave the test in the urine container long enough, it will leave its marks. Conveniently for you, the marks will give the test the false positive appearance.

Considering this method isn’t that precise because the evaporation marks aren’t 100% convincing, work on your convincing skills. You might need them to make your fake pregnancy test truly believable.

How to Make a Pregnancy Test Negative?

In case you’re not trying to pull off a prank and you need to fake a negative result, there are ways to do so. Similarly to the false positive, the fake negative is not difficult to fake.

Put the Test in the Water

The simplest way to get a negative when you think you’re pregnant is to avoid urine.

So, instead of filling a container with urine, just use water. If your partner wants to make sure the test results are authentic, add some food coloring to water. Just as we advised in the previous example, any water-based color will do.

Order a Fake One

You can find anything online — even a fake negative pregnancy test. You can significantly simplify the entire process by getting a fake pregnancy test that can’t be affected by urine.

Miss the Stick

Only one part of the test stick shows the results. You can either intentionally miss the test while peeing, or cover the part which shows whether you’re pregnant or not.

Mix the Antibiotics In

Antibiotics can change the outcome. It’s best to use the powdered ones to get a negative result. Mix the antibiotics with urine in a container and dip the test in afterward.

Dip and Run

Instructions on every pregnancy test package will tell you how long you need to keep the stick in the urine. If you’re careless with the instructions, you may get the false negative.

Chill the Test

In contrast to what we advised to fake a positive pregnancy test, you can also alter the results using the cold. Most of the products are influenced by the change in temperature.

So, put the test in the refrigerator.

Upside Down

The following suggestion is similar to the one we gave regarding missing the stick while peeing. Once you fill a container with urine, simply out the wrong side of the test in.

Drop the Stick

A simple way to fake a pregnancy test is to get a faulty one. If you can’t find one that malfunctions, you can also break it. However, the damage shouldn’t be visible. Dropping a stick will be enough.

Ask a Friend for Help

You’ll agree that it’s easier to find a friend who’s not pregnant than the one that is. If you need to fake a pregnancy test and get a negative, ask a friend to take the test instead of you.

Is Your Heart in the Right Place?

Although you now think that a fake pregnancy test is a good idea, you need to take some factors into consideration.

As a prank, a fake pregnancy test can be quite interesting. You can have a lot of fun with the plan development and entertain yourself with reactions of those around you.

However, if you need a false positive to manipulate someone’s emotions, we advise you not to do it. A number of women come up with an idea like this when a breakup happens. A fake pregnancy test isn’t a way to get your partner back.

In another example, some women want to put their partner to a test. A warning — doing so may break the trust among you.

To conclude — the only good reason to make a positive pregnancy test is for laughs. If you’re the jokester in the family or your social circle, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun with a fake pregnancy test.

On the other hand, think about whether it’s a good idea to make a pregnancy test negative as well. First-time pregnant women are often scared and reluctant to share the news.

In this case, know that no one is allowed to pressure you to take the test. However, you’re probably overthinking — people around you might be more than happy to hear the news.

In the end, we advise you to think twice before you fake a pregnancy test. Pregnancy test pranks may be hilarious, but you may also hurt someone’s feelings. And that’s not funny, is it?

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