Best Baby Swings: Expert Buyer’s Guide

Do your arms sometimes get tired from cradling your baby all day long? Maybe it’s time for you to finally get some relief and buy a baby swing. With a baby swing, you’ll be able to replicate the exact motion of cradling your baby, but without putting in any physical effort.

This guide is here to help you pick out your perfect baby swing among the numerous options available. In fact, we can help you select the best possible quality you can get within the limits of your budget.

First, we’ll review some of the finest baby swings you can find, and afterward, we’ll answer the most common baby swing questions parents like to ask.

Best Baby Swing Reviews

Here are some of the best baby swings your money can buy, recommended by parents all over the globe.

Best Full-Size Swing

  • Batteries or AC Adapter
  • 16 Songs/Nature Sounds
  • 6 Swing Speeds
  • 2 Different Swing Motions

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n’ Swing

This feature-ridden swing belongs to the Cradle ‘n’ Swing set made by Fisher-Price. In fact, this model is probably the best one in the entire collection.

You can rotate the seat of this swing so that it swings in whichever direction. On top of that, the seat has two reclining positions, too.

The six speeds to which you can set the swing work on either batteries or an AC adapter.

This swing provides a baby with more than just a comfy place to sleep. In fact, there are several entertainment options present that the baby is sure to love. For instance, a mirrored globe is there to provide them with an amusing light show.

And, as if that isn’t enough, the baby can also enjoy 16 different audio tracks at adjustable volumes.

The cover of the seat has an adorable puppy design and is removable, as well as machine-washable.

As for the controls, they are located at the top of the contraption. For instance, you have the option to select the speed of the swing, choose your music, and adjust the volume.

Overall, it is easy to see what makes the Cradle ‘n’ Swing so attractive to customers.

Best Portable Swing

  • 6 Swing Speeds
  • 6 Songs
  • Easy to Fold Up
  • Removable Support for the Head

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Comfort and Harmony have provided us with an incredibly practical and portable baby swing design. On top of that, it comes at a very reasonable price for the level of quality it offers.

This swing can be easily folded and packed away, which makes it very practical. However, the downside to how portable it is is the fact that it is only powered by batteries.

This swing also includes a removable toy bar that hangs above the baby. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the baby is getting a lot of fun from this swing, apart from napping comfortably.

Best Baby Glider Swing

  • 5 Models
  • Smooth motion and a vibrating seat
  • 5-point Harness
  • 10 Songs

Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper

Although the Graco DreamGlider is only capable of swinging towards the front and the back, it is able to perform that motion with incredible smoothness. On top of that, it provides you with a number of different speed modes. The six different swinging speeds range from slower speeds for infants to faster speeds for grown babies.

This swing can be powered by either batteries or an AC adapter. Furthermore, the padded seat keeps the baby perfectly comfy. It can even vibrate, as long as you insert a battery.

This glider makes your baby glide through the air, similar to the nursery glider. That is why this swing is a great choice for babies who are in love with the glider. Moreover, it can play ten different classical tunes, as well as five sounds from nature.

Best Premium Baby Swing

  • Bluetooth sound and motion
  • 5 different seat patterns
  • MP3 compatible

4moms MamaRoo Infant Seat

Although this is possibly one of the priciest baby swings you can find, it is loaded with state-of-the-art features that justify the steep cost.

First of all, the mamaRoo is incredibly mobile, given how it can move in five different directions. On top of that, you can control this swing via your iPhone or Android device. You can even play your phone’s music library through the built-in speakers by plugging your phone into the base.

There is, however, one noticeable downside to this swing. The problem is that you need to make a separate purchase of an infant insert to be able to use it. Essentially, you cannot use the swing without purchasing an extra part, which is somewhat unfair to the buyer.

A Buyer’s Guide for Baby Swings

Here are a few essential facts about baby swings for parents who haven’t been introduced to them before.

A baby swing is an infant seat capable of rocking itself back and forth so that the baby stays asleep while you engage in other activities.

A baby swing is different from a baby bouncer or a jumper. Jumpers jump up and down when your baby kicks against the floor, while bouncers bounce to your baby’s movements in the seat. A swing, on the other hand, doesn’t need your baby’s help to move. It is fully automated and powered by electricity – all you need to do is to push a button to initiate the motion.

A swing can contain up to three different parts: a seat, a motor, and a frame. A full-size swing contains all three parts and is usually too large to be moved around. It functions similarly to any other piece of furniture.

Since they are something of a permanent installation, full-size swings take a longer time for your baby to outgrow and are supported by a wide base. Still, they can be rather expensive.

Portable baby swings, on the other hand, are considerably smaller than full-size swings. What makes them practical is that you can take them with you on vacation or store them away when you’re not using them.

Other than the practicality of being able to move them around, another upside to portable swings is their price. However, they have a much shorter swing arc than full-size swings. Therefore, your baby may outgrow them rather quickly.

Finally, baby gliders are devices that imitate the motion of a nursery gliding chair. Gliders, which are fairly new inventions still growing in popularity, move much more smoothly than regular swings.


The seat of the swing can be either detachable or clip-in. Some seats are machine-washable, while others are not. Furthermore, they can have different types of padding, as well as different angles of inclination.

With many seats, you will have the option of adjusting the speed of the swinging, as well as the direction. Some models even come with a timer you can set to a specific period of time. The timer can truly help you take a short break from the stress of parenthood.

When it comes to the frame, pay attention to the material, as well as how wide the base of the support is. For instance, portable swings should come with easily foldable frames. In contrast to that, full-size swings have large and heavy frames with a wide support system.

Furthermore, different swings come with different entertainment options. Those can include playing music, toys, vibrations, and colorful themes. Although entertainment is normally not a priority in swings, it pays off to get one that will keep the baby occupied.

Finally, there is a number of safety features you should keep in mind when choosing a swing. First of all, check if the swing has an appropriate seat restraint. Other than that, look for a canopy, which can be used to protect the baby from sunlight.


To wrap it up, here are a few useful tips for parents with baby swings:

  • Always keep your baby in sight, no matter how safe the swing is
  • Be sure to strictly follow the guidelines for using a swing
  • Keep your swing in a safe area
  • Although your baby can sleep in a swing, they are normally not a replacement for cribs
  • Most experts recommend leaving your baby in the swing for one hour per day

Although baby swings aren’t exactly a must-have, they can provide you with the much-needed luxury of that extra hour of sleep. In our opinion, they are well worth the cost.

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