It is common knowledge that being a parent is rarely easy, regardless of whether you do it for the first time or the fifth. We at HMHB strive to be a helping hand to all parents. Our goal is to provide detailed and accurate pregnancy and parenting information to anyone who needs it.

We operate through a variety of platforms – apps, mobile, and desktop. As such, we are always accessible. We make our resources available to millions of mothers and fathers worldwide, both new and experienced. We are only a click away.

We offer interactive tools that will help you keep your head on your shoulders through the extraordinary process of becoming a parent.

We offer a variety of features. Among them are keeping track of ovulation and fertility, choosing baby names, and selecting the best child care products. Our baby registry allows you to keep a record of your child’s development and every milestone. You can record every ounce gained, every inch grown, every new little tooth.

With our website, you can stay organized and informed on topics important to you. Know what to expect from each step.

Our Values

Parenthood is a journey of a lifetime. For both mother and father, this journey is one of life’s greatest, most rewarding challenges. It may not always seem that way, but it is undeniable that it’s a monumental event that leaves no one unchanged.

As such, we aim to support and empower you through every step of the way, start to finish. Gain unparalleled insight into what it means to be a parent. Learn more about what your little ones need, when, how, and why.

No two pregnancies are the same, just as no two people are the same. As a result, our advice to you is no less than personalized. We take into account your personal needs, and in return provide trusted, relevant information. No matter which stage you are here to learn more about, you can count on us to walk you through it.

This time of your life is guaranteed to be overwhelming – justifiably so. However, we are here to arm you with all the knowledge you need to nurture yourself and your growing family. From fertility, through all symptoms and stages of pregnancy, to a variety of childbirth techniques and child care.

We are committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, and awareness. Regardless of the question, we deliver instant answers and provide access to pertinent resources.

Our Veritable Expertise

We strive to improve health globally and make motherhood safer for all women. Through educating the general public about potential concerns and expectations, we hope to reduce the risk of preventable pregnancy defects.

All of our information comes from reputable experts. They have been specifically selected for their experience in the fields of preconception, pregnancy, pediatrics, and parenting. As such, our website is a reliable source of professional advice. Alongside topical news articles that will keep you up to date in the world of parenthood.