Day: May 2, 2019

Implantation Bleeding Or Period — How to Know For Sure

Getting pregnant seems to be an easy task — when you’re not trying. For those of us who’ve known the agony of waiting to see the results and for that little stripe to turn blue after actively trying to get pregnant for months — the task seems much more daunting. Each day that passes seems to

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Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes with it — some pleasant, and others concerning, to say the least. You’ll hear a lot of women talking about how the pregnancy was the best time of their lives. Still, more often than not, you’ll hear women complain about pain, nausea, body changes, and other symptoms of pregnancy that aren’t

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When Do Babies Crawl?

Our children and their progress mean everything to us. We carefully monitor and celebrate each milestone — every smile, every lifting of the head, and of course, every crawl. That first crawl is something that every parent awaits like the biggest prize in the world. However, things aren’t as rosy as the enamored parents like

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