Partnering to Move the Dial on Maternal and Child Health This Flu Season

November 21st, 2014

Text4baby Flu_11.21.14_Image 1Text4baby is about connecting pregnant women and new moms to the critical health and safety information they need. And we couldn’t do it without our partners, whose collaboration is at the heart of our success in reaching mothers and amplifying timely, actionable messages.

We’re especially grateful for strong partnerships at this time of year. As flu season progresses, Text4baby’s partnership with Rite Aid and Johnson & Johnson is making a real difference in protecting the health of moms and their children. For the second year, we’re thrilled to collaborate to share the facts about flu and give Text4baby subscribers access to free flu shots.

Together, we’re responding to a known maternal and child health threat on a national scale, through an effective prevention and education campaign. Many women may not know that changes in immune, heart and lung functions put them at high risk for flu complications, and that getting sick with the flu can lead to hospitalization, as well as putting the health of their developing baby at risk. In addition, many women may not be aware that flu shots are not only safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but can help protect their newborns from the flu during the first six months of life, when they are too young for the vaccine and depend upon the health of those around them for prevention. With the combined reach of Text4baby, Rite Aid and Johnson & Johnson, we’re able to connect more moms to this information and help them act on it by providing Rite Aid coupon codes for a free flu shot.

We’ve already seen the great impact our partnership is having. Last year, the Rite Aid coupon redemption rate was an impressive 12.9%. Our current redemption rate is even higher at 21.8%, and our enrollment is still growing! And we’re working with our partners to implement lessons learned, which is increasing the effectiveness of our efforts each year. Based on insights from last flu season, new enrollees in the service can now receive a coupon code at various points throughout flu season. Participants are also able to ask for their coupon codes to be resent, in the event they deleted the text message before redeeming it. We want to give our moms every chance to take advantage of this promotion and get this critical vaccine.

200025121-001This partnership goes beyond flu season. Rite Aid works with Text4baby to reach moms where they shop – in Rite Aid stores! Text4baby promotional information can found in store circulars, online, in the baby aisle, at the pharmacy and even heard over the loud speaker. New this year, all women over the age of 18 will find information about Text4baby printed on their pharmacy bags during flu season. Moms and moms-to-be shopping at Rite Aid are encouraged to enroll in Text4baby by texting RABABY (RABEBE for Spanish) to 511411. Text4baby partners are also getting involved and using resources to help more moms take advantage of the free flu shot offer.

This effort as a prime example of how public-private collaborations can move the dial on critical maternal and child health challenges. By leveraging the unique strengths we each bring to the table, we can impact the issues affecting the health and safety of moms and babies every day across the country.

We also believe that these efforts shine a light on Text4baby’s role as a mobile health innovator over the past nearly five years. It’s humbling to look back to February of 2010, when Text4baby was near its inception with just 10,000 participants. As the nation’s only free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health through text messaging, we have reached almost 800,000 women to date. We are so excited to continue growing and providing important health and safety information to more moms – with the strong support of friends and partners like you!