What Has Text4baby Done for You?

February 24th, 2014

As every parent knows, “They grow up so fast!”

At HMHB we’ve felt a bit of that parental wonder this month, in the midst of celebrating Text4baby’s fourth birthday. Our “baby” is growing up. As the nation’s number one mobile health service, Text4baby has shared critical health and safety information with more than 680,000 expecting and new moms since its launch in 2010. With the strong support of thousands of partners, Text4baby has become an established, proven tool for improving the health and safety of mothers and babies across the country.

To celebrate the birthday, we talked with a few of the partners and moms who are with us on this journey. We wanted to hear what Text4baby has done for them in these first four years.

Partners – who represent local, state, and national organizations; government agencies; healthcare providers; health plans; and businesses – told us the service is an “invaluable” resource for new moms and moms-to-be, sharing research-based, reliable information “all in one place.” They told us they love “not having to reinvent the wheel” when it comes to directing women to quality educational material, and they appreciate the platform’s interactive capacity for creating conversation and personalizing messages. And that they’re excited about Text4baby’s engagement with dads and its support for the whole family. They applauded the innovative public-private partnership that makes Text4baby possible, and its ability to connect to local resources.

We also talked with moms about what Text4baby has done for them. Here’s what they said:

“It’s awesome receiving texts about what [my baby’s] milestones should be, and what to look out for and be aware of… It gives me some nice reassurance.” –Sylvia T.

“Text4baby reminded me that my sadness could be postpartum depression. After that, I made an appointment with my doctor. Thank you!” – Patricia B.

“So thankful for Text4baby. I got so much information every week when I didn’t always have time to research stuff on the computer.” –Hectoria A.

“Text4baby reminded me to make an appointment for flu shots this year! And just in time.” –Jessica W.

“My son is my first and only child, so I relied heavily on [Text4baby] during his first year.” –Janet G.

“The service helps me so much; from reminding me of appointments to milestones to important resources.” –Amanda E.

“Every pregnant mom should get Text4baby!” –Marilyn D.

“Text4baby helped with EVERYTHING I needed to get through my daughter’s first year of life. Thank you!” –Yem Y.

Overall, it was Text4baby’s unique capacity for connection that stood out in the stories we heard. Bringing together partners in maternal and child health to make a difference. Bringing together vast, valuable, practical tips and resources in an accessible space. Bringing information and resources to pregnant women and mothers. And bringing families and communities together for a healthier future.

As the service heads into its fifth year, we thank EACH OF YOU who have been part of Text4baby’s growth and supported its role in the lives of moms and children. Together we’re achieving something worth celebrating!

Please consider making a donation in honor of Text4baby’s 4th birthday, to help us reach more moms and give babies the healthiest possible start in life.