Mom’s Health Matters

May 10th, 2013

Mom’s Health Matters (On Mother’s Day & Every Day)

At HMHB, we celebrate motherhood all year long – and work every day to promote maternal health and safety.  But on this special day for honoring mothers, we are especially mindful of mom’s health, and the many ways in which it matters.

It is particularly difficult on Mother’s Day to accept that the U.S. ranks a dismal 50th in the world for maternal mortality, that our rate of maternal mortality has doubled in the past 25 years, that our infant mortality rate remains one of the highest among developed countries, and that disparities persist in creating disproportionately heavy burdens for some women and their babies.

We believe that the nation can do better for mothers. We also believe this: childbearing and mothering that is informed and empowered – as well as supported by access to consistent, quality care and resources – has a profound effect on women, children, families, and entire communities. That’s why we’re proud to work with our many partners to support and promote these goals.

A few of our favorite mothers helped us reflect on why “mom’s health matters.” This Mother’s Day weekend, please join the conversation by sharing your response in the comments and in social media – at our Facebook page and on Twitter using #MomsHealthMatters.

“Mom’s health matters because mothers are the heart of families.”  

-Janine Lewis, HMHB Board of Directors and Executive Director, Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition





“Mom’s health matters because you’re the one that’s there with your baby. I’m breastfeeding, so if I’m healthy she’s healthy. My health will reflect on her. If I’m healthy, I can take care of her.”

-Jaclyn G., text4baby mom





“Mom’s health matters because she sets the standard for healthy living for so many around her at home and in the workplace.”

-Deb Discenza, National Premature Infant Health Coalition Steering Committee, co-author of The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU, and co-founder of PreemieWorld, LLC



“Mom’s health matters because the body holds the mind and heart. If my body is not well then everything else is affected, including my capacity to care for and teach my daughter.”

-Sarah Ingersoll, text4baby Campaign Director, HMHB





“Mom’s health matters because health and intelligence are two blessings of life.”

-Lola Stevens, HMHB Office Manager





“Mom’s health matters because we shape the world.”

- Luisa Soaterna-Castaneda, text4baby Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, HMHB





“Mom’s health matters because we teach our children how to value and take care of themselves.”

-Andrea Goodman, HMHB Program Manager





Happy Mother’s Day, moms! Your health matters, today and every day.


5 Responses to “Mom’s Health Matters

  1. her health says:

    Moms health is important.

  2. Dirk says:

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  3. Rodigo says:

    In simple terms being a mom has taguht me about the depth of God’s immense love for his own children. Motherhood has definitely given me more insight into this crazy love intense, all-consuming and unconditional. I have learned being a mom requires continual denial of your own needs and focused commitment to provide selflessly for your children. It’s amazing that as a reflection of himself in us, God has built into our very nature this ability to intensely love and care for our children. If this is how I feel for my children, I wonder how much more intensely God must love us as his children!It might sound crazy but even before becoming a mother I’ve always had the strong sense that I was meant to do this (a God given, built-in capacity to be a mother). I remember during pregnancy the distinct feeling of already ‘knowing’ my child even before they were born. I was so excited to meet the little person I already felt a very real connection to. I distinctly remember when they were born feeling such incredibly deep gratitude, and that he/she was the most beautiful and precious little beings I had ever laid eyes on. It’s difficult to describe how I felt in the days following their birth – several tear-filled, joy-filled moments for sure. These experiences make me consider given how huge God’s capacity for love is (the definition of love itself) – how much more so must he look at us and think how precious and beautiful we are to him?Another blessing of being a mom is experiencing the pure joy of watching my children learn, grow and develop into the people they are meant to be. These contrasted with feelings of angst and anguish when they experience physical and emotional pain, disappointment or feelings of loss. I wonder what God feels like when he watches his children grow, fall down, stumble, experience joy, walk through hardship given his nature how much more deeply intense must he experience these feelings for us? What a gift that God has given us free will despite his own maternal feelings of wanting to protect and guide knowing full well that we will stumble and experience hardship along the way just as our own children do.It is comforting to know that no matter what happens there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. Reminds me of the verses from Romans 8:38-39 “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor demons, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing can separate us from the love of God that is Christ Jesus our Lord!” This verse hits home for me as a mother because I know there is nothing that would impact the love I feel for my own children. And knowing what I know about God’s nature how much more so he must feel that way about me?! WOW it’s the kind of love that blows me away.

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