MCH in the “Era of the Share”

October 11th, 2012

Welcome to HMHB’s blog! 

We are especially pleased to present this new resource and communication platform for our maternal-child health friends — as well as for parents and policymakers committed to working on behalf of families. An exciting component of our new-and-improved website, the blog, promises to be an engaging online space for education, connection and inspiration around key issues.

Founded more than three decades ago to communicate and foster collaboration among those dedicated to improving the health of mothers, babies and families, HMHB has always been committed to sharing partner news and bringing stakeholders together around shared goals. While pamphlets and conferences were the currency of our early years, digital technology has recently become the game-changer for how we connect and communicate. From social media and webinars to our text4baby program – the nation’s first and largest free mobile health education service – new technologies and web-based platforms have made our job easier and our reach wider, amplifying our message and our mission.

It’s a new day for our field, in which media and communications have become co-creative endeavors, in which education and collaboration are possible in ways our founders could not have dreamed of in 1981 when they established the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. The digital communication age – the “era of the share” – is all about connecting people and ideas. It is an era in which powerful messages can travel swiftly, and in which influence comes not just from institutions but from connected individuals in community.

All of this equals a great opportunity for maternal and child health and for the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. It empowers us at HMHB to continue the work of information-sharing and partnership-building that has long been our trademark. Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies partners can utilize our communication vehicles to promote their work with unprecedented ease, and our colleagues from the field can contribute to our content more readily than ever before. The integration of our new website, blog, and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow partners, colleagues, parents and policymakers to quickly and easily access – and share – MCH’s latest and greatest news, events, research and expert insight.

If you are not connected to and taking advantage of these digital forums, you’re missing out. If you are a bit overwhelmed by “the era of the share,” know that National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition simplifies it by offering an accessible point of access. We encourage you to dive in, to actively contribute to the dialogue around key issues here at HMHB’s website, blog and in social media.

Help us advance maternal and child health by staying connected here at!